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About Us

About Tathgur Hospital

Tathgur hospital situated in Barnala city, Punjab. Boasting capacity of 20 beds and 6 ICU beds. It also has emergency department with 24*7 emergency service, equipped with major & minor operating theaters, radiology, diagnostic, pathology lab and much more.

This multispecialty hospital has more than 5 medical and surgical specialties and several sub specialties.

  • 20 Beds and 6 ICU Beds.
  • 24x7 Emergency Services.
  • Highest Standard of Quality Care.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Technologies.

Dedicated Services

Our Departments

Dental Care

What is Dental care? Dental care is the branch of…


ENT An Otolaryngologist is a physician trained in the medical…


Psychiatry is a medical branch that deals with mental, emotional…


Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery’s Division of Audiology is…


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Happy Patients

Why People Choose Us?

We offer extensive medical services for our patients recommend
that you use officia.

Tathgur hospital offers the patients the highest standard of quality care under the guidance of multidisplinary team of experts. Our health care experts utilize a multidisciplinary approach which includes advanced diagnostic technologies, modern treatment techniques and minimally invasive procedures to bring the highest standards of world-class care to our patients.

Tathgur Hospital goes beyond the conventional boundaries of healthcare by focusing on the overall well-being of its patients. The hospital premises exude warmth and care, creating an environment where patients feel not just treated but cared for. This holistic approach to patient experience sets Tathgur Hospital apart, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking not only medical expertise but also compassionate care.

Empowering patients with knowledge is a key aspect of the Tathgur experience. The hospital actively engages in educational initiatives, providing patients with the information they need to actively participate in their healthcare journey. Informed patients make better decisions, and Tathgur Hospital is dedicated to fostering a sense of empowerment among those under its care

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