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An Otolaryngologist is a physician trained in the medical and surgical care of head and neck disorders. Commonly referred to as an “ear, nose and throat doctor,” an Otolaryngologist has the required competency in otology (ear disorders), rhinology(nasal and sinus disorders), allergy, head and neck surgery(thyroid and parathyroid surgery, throat cancer, salivary gland surgery, sleep apnea surgery, neck tumors), pediatric ear, nose and throat disorders, laryngology (voice and swallowing disorders) and facial plastic surgery.

What Is an ENT Specialist?

An ENT specialist plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the ear, nose, and throat. They are trained to treat both common and rare conditions that affect these areas. ENT specialists use both medical and surgical techniques to treat their patients.

Some of the most common conditions that ENT specialists treat are sinus infections, allergies, tonsillitis, sleep apnea, and hearing loss. They also treat more serious conditions such as cancer of the head and neck region. In addition to treating patients, ENT specialists also play an important role in educating them about how to prevent these disorders.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any disorder related to the ear, nose, or throat, Park Hospital is here to help you. With a dedicated team of ENT specialists, we are able to provide you with the best possible treatment for your condition.

Procedures are performed at ENT hospitals in India- Tathgur Hospital


A surgical procedure to remove the tonsils. It is often done to treat recurrent tonsillitis or enlarged tonsils that are causing difficulty breathing.


A surgical procedure to remove the adenoids. It is often done to treat recurrent ear infections or sinus infections.


A surgical procedure to create an opening in the eardrum. It is often done to treat chronic ear infections.


A surgical procedure to repair the eardrum. It may be necessary if the eardrum has been perforated by an injury or if it has become scarred from previous infections.

Head & Neck cancer surgeries

Head and neck cancer surgeries involve the removal of cancerous tumors or tissues from the head and neck region. These surgeries are complex and may require a multidisciplinary approach involving surgeons, oncologists, and other healthcare professionals.


A surgical procedure to correct a deviated septum. It may be necessary if the septum is causing difficulty breathing or recurrent sinus infections, causing nasal blockade.


A surgical procedure involves removal of all or part of thyroid gland. It may be necessary when a patient has thyroid cancer or other conditions of thyroid gland or goiter.